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Solar Charge Maintainers

Environmentally friendly and free to run, Rodster solar charge maintainers also remove the hazard of mains cables running to the boat and there is also no need to remove heavy batteries to charge them in the garage. Just set and forget…..the on board regulator will provide the right amount of charge without ever over charging.

Battery maintenance made easy.

Most battery manufacturers recommend the use of trickle chargers to maintain and keep batteries in peak condition. In fact battery life is greatly improved by the use of properly regulated chargers and will save you costly battery replacements.

We use only quality Morningstar regulators which are encased in epoxy resin and are completely marine proof. All components used in construction are made for marine environments and include anodized aluminum tubing, glass filled nylon and 316 stainless fasteners. Cable is of course marine grade tinned copper. The innovative designs of the Rodster Solar range, allows for a variety of mounting methods, from rod holder mounts to rail mounts. The effectiveness of this type of mounting system over fixed panels is far superior.

Panels can be seasonally adjusted for angle and will therefore gain maximum sun exposure and better charge ratings. The units are also very simple to install and remove, simply by inserting into a spare rod holder. If your boat is covered or under shelter, it is an easy job to mount a rod holder on a post to carry your solar charger and run the cable to a socket within the boat. You will never need to charge your batteries the conventional way once you purchase one of these Rodster battery charge maintainers, best of all your boat will always be fully charged and ready to go. 




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